Copper Range

2145 Crooks Road Suite #70
Troy, MI 48084
About Copper Range:

Copper Range is a software-for-service company. We specializes in developing data exchange solutions using the latest computer, Internet, cellular and communications technologies. Leveraging our technological expertise, we created a suite of products built on two related frameworks. One utilizes the cellular phone infrastructure to power various access control devices including wireless handheld scanners, turnstiles and lift-arm gates. The other uses the Web to replace cumbersome paper-based processes with all-digital solutions. Our client list has grown to include some of the largest industrial, manufacturing, construction and entertainment companies in the world.

Products and Services of Copper Range:
  • CR Scan
  • Safety Management System
  • Project Store
  • Digital Lean Service
Clients of Copper Range:
  • MUST
  • McConnell Dowell (MacDow) of Australia
  • Walbridge
  • Barton Malow
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Provide a competitive advantage with our PATENTED CR-Scan to access security providers.

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