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Crest Electronics

3706 Alliance Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407-2016

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About Crest Electronics:

Here at Crest Electronics we are very proud of the fact that we have been in the CCTV business since 1974 when we were founded by Irv Rossman. At that time, he believed that a company could be successful if they offer modern products at a fair price, and then provide support to the professionals installing the equipment. He must have been onto something, because 34 years later that business philosophy still serves us (and our clients) quite well.

Products by Crest Electronics

Available from: Crest Electronics
The CDR-4204 LINIX-based Elite Embedded Digital Video Recorder (DVR) features four video inputs with looping outputs and MPEG4 level 5 compression for maximum storage. The unit's 720x480 resolution...Read More
Available from: Crest Electronics
The CP-48DS-36 Color Hi-Res Vandal Dome Camera features 550 lines of resolution, 0.3 lux, a vari-focal auto iris lens, and a 36 infra red LED array for low light applications; all housed in a tough...Read More
Available from: Crest Electronics
The CP-48ES Color Hi-Res Vandal Dome Camera features 550 lines of resolution, 0.3 lux, and a vari-focal auto iris lens; all housed in a tough vandal-resistant, weather-proof housing.