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Farina and Associates, Ltd.

999 E. Basse Road
Suite 180-186
San Antonio, TX 78209
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About Farina and Associates, Ltd.:

Farina and Associates, Ltd. is unique among the hospitality and tourism industry. We are the only professional firm that offers true, value-added security and risk management services and products to clients across the hospitality spectrum. Our portfolio of clients include: hotels and motels, restaurants and night clubs, golf courses and country clubs, wineries, spas, marinas and spaceport tourism facilities. In today's litigious society and criminal/terrorist environment, it is absolutely essential for every hospitality organization to have a comprehensive security program which protects the organization's assets and adequately meets its obligation to provide a reasonable degree of security and safety to third parties. Employees, customers, management, clients, inventory, proprietary information, goods, equipment, vehicles, buildings, brand and reputation are all at risk. Today’s savvy customers will make their spending decisions based upon the level of security at your property. Parent company of Enterprising Securities Antiterrorism & Executive Protection Training