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VideoComm Technologies

407 Speers Road
Suite 204
Oakville, ON L6K 3T5

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About VideoComm Technologies:

VideoComm Technologies is the recognized market leader in wireless video transmission technologies, products and technical support. From systems serving a single camera over a few feet, all the way up to multi-camera systems covering large university campuses. Our wireless video products overcome many of the installation limits applicable to most CCTV projects.

Products by VideoComm Technologies

Available from: VideoComm Technologies
The industry’s first perfect wireless elevator video system
delivers Real-Time, DVD quality encrypted digital video
up to 200 Floors. Featuring a revolutionary pre-confi gured
802.11a...Read More
Available from: VideoComm Technologies
The MXR-5847vf 5.8GHz indoor wireless camera offers an economical solution for real-time, high resolution wireless video applications, that is not susceptible to interference from 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g...Read More
Available from: VideoComm Technologies
Featuring 8 user selectable channels, this system is the most economical choice for Real-Time wireless video. This rugged all weather transmitter and receiver kit is ideal in scenarios where extreme...Read More